travel vegan Thailand

Visit Thailand

Thailand is a vegan paradise and an adventure playground. From the mountains in the north, to the islands in the south, to the bustle of Bangkok. The land of smiles, ancient Siam, offers nature and wildlife, a culture based on Buddhist traditions and friendly people.

As well as our tours, come and stay with us in our northern base in Chiang Mai. We are there for 3 months, and will focus on the veg festival which happens in October and lasts 9 days.

Would you be interested in attending our activities? We will have culinary workshops, nutrition, wellbeing etc. Fitness and sport: trekking, cycling, swimming, workouts, yoga etc.

Experts on all aspects of the vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Business Camp

We want to bring together a mix of skills, like photography, marketing, social media....

Our base will be next to the co-worker spots and we will have great internet facilities.

We will have a professional podcast studio and you can make youtube clips. We will have a drone, gopro, dlsr, lighting etc. as well as support for tools like final cut pro, gimp, corel, etc.

We can do head shots, create websites, social media growth. We have experts on all aspects of creating and succeeding your vegan business

It's a great place to network. You can combine work and fun.

Accommodation in Chiang Mai

This is a country where you can live for 10€ a day, or 100€, or 1,000€. It all depends on the level of comfort you want. Are you more luxury, budget or somewhere in between?


In our villa we have a swimming pool, gym, garden and spacious communal spaces. With our own kitchen we will run culinary workshops. Our photography and podcast studio means you can create great content to share on your social media. There is plenty of space for your fitness or yoga routine.


Are you more of a backpacker, wanting to keep costs at bay? Fear not, we have you covered. You will pay less than organising yourself because we can negotiate deals, buy in bulk, etc and there is a guide thrown in for free, no time wasted, no hassles.

Because we are a community and have grown organically, we do not have the overheads of the mainstream operators. Staying for a month can give a 40% reduction on accommodation. Will you be travelling alone? Sharing a room can be cheaper.