When to go

Thailand has a tropical climate. The average weather varies every season, but the temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius (86° Fahrenheit) every day throughout the year. May is the start of the monsoon (rainy season) at the west coast and it lasts until the end of October. Usually, the rains are short, but with very heavy downpours. October is on average the wettest month throughout Thailand. November until April weather is the best time to go to the West Coast (Andaman Sea). May until September weather is best time to go to the East Coast (Gulf Coast).

In winter in the norh of Thailand sometimes the temperature will even fall under 10 degrees Celsius (50° Fahrenheit) in the evening. However during the day the temperature will rise to almost 30 degrees Celsius (86° Fahrenheit) again.

By mid-February, the smoky season has begun and you’ll want to avoid areas surrounding Chiang Mai through March due to poor air quality. The smoky season is a yearly occurrence when farmers burn their fields to get ready for a new season of crops.

Vegetarian Festival

When and where to go

  • 16th – 25th October 2020

Vegetarian Festival is celebrated throughout Thailand, particularly in places with large Chinese populations, such as Phuket, Bangkok and Chiang Mai.